Android app listening to mic in the background

Every one hour or so, android tells me that wyzecam app is listening to mic in the background. I gave it permission for 2 way audio, why is it listening to mic when app is not in use?


I would send an email directly to support. support They aren’t necessarily watching everything on this forum.

Hi, the only time we listen to your phone mic is when you are using two-way audio feature in the foreground. We will check immediately. If it is a bug in our code, we will fix it ASAP!


We have been trying to look into this but have not been able to reproduce this issue. Are you able to make this happen again? If so, could you please tell us how you did it? Could you please also take an app log and send it to with a description of this issue? We want to fix this as soon as possible!

Here are the instructions for taking an app log:

In the Wyze app, go to My Account -> Help & Feedback -> tap Feedback at the bottom of the page.

In the Details field, please enter a brief description of the issue you’re having. Make sure to leave the box checked next to the ‘Send log’ option at the bottom of the form and tap Submit.

This will generate an email to our developer team with your log file attached. Tap Send to send the email to our developer team.



Hi ckkccf, besides above questions, can you tell us which product did you have the problem? Wyze Cam, v1, v2, or our alpha product? Once we identify the issue, we will fix them ASAP. Thanks!



thank you for your prompt action.

Yes, I have been getting frequent notifications from Android about this. I am seeing this on Samsung Galaxy S8, Android v8.0 and the current wyze app (v1.2.72).

see attached.



sent the app log per the instructions.

I have Wyzecam v1.

Thank you very much! We will look at it very soon. Really appreciate you reporting this issue!

Hi, I think we found out what happened! We were not recording but there was an extra check when you close the camera. Everytime you close a camera, we check if your mic is for sure closed. The log matches the time you provided us in the image.

It is not the best implementation. We will come up with a private package for you to test first and then follow up with other testing


That explains why it asks for microphone permission when I exit the live feed from one of my C1s.

Not every time, but very frequently.

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FYI, using the beta version you mailed me, no notifications from Android about Wyzr listening in the background.

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Interesting…this happened to me around 0315 this morning and I had been asleep not doing anything with the cameras…

Hi thanks for letting us know. We accidentally introduced a bug in camera group view which may still capture sound. We have a fix being tested and will release to Alpha/Beta testing soon. Sorry about that!



Jan 09, 2020 - Getting messages on my Android phone that Wyze app is listening to the microphone in the background.

I thought this was a bug that had been fixed already? Why is it still happening?

If I don’t manually close out the Wyze app after viewing my cameras, then later on other apps that need microphone access will not work saying that a different app is using my phone’s microphone in the background. It’s super creepy. I have multiple cameras, all updated to latest firmware, app is latest update as well. This issue has been dragging on for way to long to be just a bug. It’s super easy to recreate the issue, just connect any wyze cam to any Android device devs…