Wyze app keeps using mic when not running at all


Some recent updates to the app seem to have a bug that resurfaced from v1.x back in 2017/8

I found forum entries dating back to 2018 that show it was fixed, but I’ve noticed it happening again now with a recent update.

Wyze app version 2.4.82 on Android (Samsung Galaxy S9)
Android OS is warning daily that the Wyze app is using Microphone and Camera in the background.
When I check, the app is not open and not running in the background.

Removed camera permissions from the app as there is no reason for it to have camera permissions, but continues to show Microphone usage periodically.

I can’t seem to reproduce it at any given time - it seems to be random.

Anyone else seeing this again?

I haven’t seen that. are you on Beta?

I would definitely be sending logs in. if you are a Beta tester those logs go right to the Devs.


This got better for a while nut recent update (2.6.33) has reintroduced it and it’s worse.

Havent opened wyze app since the last update … still getting push notifications but I’m swiping them awake…
And getting the warning of microphone usage at least 4 times a day randomly.

As of now over removed the mic permission from the app.