App has hijacked my phone microphone

Since the latest app update I noticed that my phone no longer responds to voice prompts such as “hey Google…”, Etc. Normally my phone also will show the name of any song playing in the background.

While looking to see if the feature had been accidentally disabled by me, I noticed in the settings that it no longer works because “Wyze is using device audio”. This lead me to try the “hey Google” prompts which I discovered no longer work either.

As far as I can tell, this seems to have started with the last update to the app. Is anyone else having this issue? For the record my device is a Pixel 6 and the app is version

I’ve included a screenshot of the problem shown in the settings.

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Try removing the microphone permission for the Wyze app and then re-enabling it and see if that resolves it.
Or try rebooting your phone.
Or do a force-stop and then open it again.

Any of those should reset things back to normal. The same app version is not hijacking my microphone, so I think something just got stuck somehow. I would mostly suggest rebooting the phone since it could potentially be related to some kind of memory leak glitch and that should reset any memory leak related stuff.

Let us know though.


Looks like that worked. Thank you!


Awesome! Thanks for the follow up. Let us know if it reoccurs so we can keep track of if there is a pattern or something that needs to be looked into more thoroughly. Thanks for reporting. :+1: