Wyze app iOS hotfix - Released 4/29/24

Today we are releasing a hotfix for the iOS Wyze app. This will fix the separation issue with Events on the Event tab.

:notebook: Read our Release Notes:


Is the app freezing issue with iOS ever going to be fixed?

Happy 6-year forum anniversary @Resist :wink:

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It’s been 6 years already that I’ve been complaining Wyze issues on this forum? :slight_smile:


lol Yes! You’ve visited 777 days, and spent 6 days worth of time reading the forums. You’ve read 16.8K posts in 1.4K topics and posted 1.7K replies, created 231 topics and have given 735 likes and received 1.1K likes. Congrats on reaching 6 years. :wink:

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Yeah, cheers :beers: @Resist, ya big bellyacher! :hugs:


Do I get gifts for this milestone? lol


Of course! I gave you congratulations and stuff. Isn’t that a wonderful gift? :joy:

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It’s the thought that counts! :grin:

I’d settle for a Wyze to fix their software.

But then we’d never see you on here anymore! :joy: Why would they want to break up your 6 year streak? You’re just warming up!

haha j/k buddy. Hopefully they do have some big improvements coming. They said they’ve been working on some major overhauls lately.

My Cam Pan v2 is on and my phone app is v2.50.5. The playback on the event tab shows no MicroSD card. This has been a problem since I bought this camera in April. I have done the ALL the protocol to test camera. To no avail.

So angry I bought this device. Worked once and never again. And the money spent for the year’s usage… down the drain.