Wyze app hotfix - Released 6/6/2024

We are releasing a hotfix for the Android version of the Wyze app today which optimizes the IAP flow.

Read our Release Notes:



I hope it fixes my Wyze 2019 bulb issue.


Update: It did not. Oh well. Cams still work.

What is this supposed to fix, and what is “IAP flow”? As I write this, I don’t see any mention of this update on the linked Release Notes page; it’s showing (May 28, 2024) as the latest Android app version.

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I’ll assume it’s “In-App Purchases” flow. I.e., the “Shop” tab in the Wyze app.


That seems plausible. I reckon it’s as good an explanation as any for now, anyway. Maybe it belongs in @peepeep’s proposed glossary. :thinking:


I must say that I thought you might be the man for the glossary job. Wyze could pay you in SD cards or Several Years of Cam Unlimited or a bunch of stretchy pants. :slight_smile:

I just called it Cam Plus Unlimited (corrected) and not in jest so it ain’t me, babe.


I guess I appreciate the vote of confidence…? I do like finding order, so maybe I should’ve been in the Society for Putting Things on Top of Other Things. I’m not sure what to make of the stretchy pants comment, though. Does Wyze even make those? They did indicate that they “have some unique cameras coming next year” and that they “want to invent new products that don’t yet exist”[1], so now they’re going to put cameras in stretchy pants? Not sure how I feel about that. I might be the wrong person for this job.

  1. ↩︎


It’s possible that Wyze employees have never known other than stretchy pants. So to them, it would just be pants they’re paying you in. Or out. Of.

Another exhibit.


I’ve been referring to it as markup, whereas it is apparently Markdown. Unsuited to glossarizing am I.

Yet another.

Pretzel Logic is both a song and an album but the lyrics I quoted were from another song entirely and I suggested otherwise.

Not good.

Few people are seeking me to not track and order things well, so, yes, I would consider it a vote of confidence and suggestion that you continue to pursue the inverse. :woozy_face:

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Well, this has certainly taken an unexpected turn….

Um…like a prostitute? :man_facepalming:

You’re not entirely wrong, as HTML is HyperText Markup Language, and Markdown is considered to be a particular kind of markup language. The Discourse platform that the Forum uses is saying that it accepts formatting and markup cues in multiple ways, and it’s fun learning to mix and match them to achieve certain effects in posts.

The link played “Night By Night”, thought, which was appropriate. :man_shrugging:

Back to the main topic here, I’m still not entirely sure what today’s hotfix is supposed to remediate, but I guess now I’m two releases behind on the Android app, because I’ve been wary of recent firmware and app updates and have been waiting for user reports here before updating my own stuff.

On the plus side, I actually do see this one listed in Google Play Store now. With previous app updates, I’ve noticed there’s sometimes been a delay of several days between Wyze’s announcement here and the actual Play Store availability.


Yes, last one appeared about a week later, this one I had before the announcement while checking the app out in the Play Store yesterday.

Watch app for weather is down since update.
Wyze watch 47

Is this a suspected bug with the latest app update, or did the update merely change a Watch setting?

I haven’t yet applied the last two app updates (I’m still on v2.50.5.449 of the Android app), and I’m asking because I noticed recently that my weather information wasn’t being updated (which I usually notice when swiping up from the bottom of the Watch’s home screen; I don’t often navigate to the Watch’s Weather app). Prior to that, I’d connected the Watch to a different phone while going through some troubleshooting steps suggested by Wyze Support (going through their hoops because there’s an apparent bug causing duplicate camera notifications), and I found that when I reconnected the Watch to my main phone all of my previous notification selections for the Watch had been turned off. Since I want the weather for a single location, I’ve always designated that location in the Watch’s settings and have had “Set Location Automatically” turned off. Re-pairing the watch to the Wyze app on that phone deleted my static location and turned the “Set Location Automatically” on, but my phone’s Android Location setting was off (by choice), so the Wyze Watch’s weather lookup was failing.

If the weather data isn’t making it into your Watch, then maybe verifying/changing your phone’s settings (i.e., turning on Location if you want a roaming weather update), Wyze app permissions (I assume it’s going to need Android’s Location permission depending on which app/device features you want to use), and settings within the Wyze app for the Watch will resolve the issue. If not, then maybe you’ve discovered a new bug! :microbe:

In any case, welcome to the Forum, @deanarue!


:laughing: I’m a naif, didn’t even think of that. Maybe my subconscious did? Bad :dog: .

If you were to conduct an in-depth interview you might find that I’m even less informed than I appear to be…!

…moreover, like the 'Dan persona:

Nihilism looks ok on attractive young people but when you’re old (even if attractive) NSM. image

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