Wyze App for Google Pixel C Tablet

I can’t download and install the android app on my Google Pixel C. It is running Android 8.1.0. Is my only option to sideload the app?

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Just curious why won’t the Pixel C load the app from the Play Store?

I get “This item is not compatible with this device.”

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That does not seem right. I would open a ticket with support on that. You can open a ticket here:



Done. Thanks.

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Hey Ben, I’ve got the same issue with my pixel C. I filed a ticket on August 29th and have yet to receive a response. With the new smart plugs being issued outdoor cameras and everything else going on I anticipate it might be a day or two. If I receive a response that offers some kind of resolution I will try to post it back here.

It’s been two and a half months since this issue was submitted with no response. If the Pixel C is not going to be supported I can understand but I would like to know if I need to purchase a new tablet.

Did you ever talk to support about this?

This is mainly a forum for fellow Wyze users. Unfortunately, I don’t know how to help you with that since I don’t have the same tablet to test it with. But Wyze Support might be aware of some reason it isn’t working. I’m not really sure.

Hi @ScampMichael. Could you please provide your ticket number here so I can possibly get Wyze eyes on this? :slight_smile:

[Wyze Ticket 317803] Request received: Feedback: Wyze(beta) not updating on Pixel C - Aug 29
I really appreciate your efforts DreadPirateRush.

I think Wyze is great and I love my pixel C and I sure hope I can get them to work together

Any update on this?