Wyze app 2.35 - 9/29/22

Version 2.35 of the Wyze app is releasing!

This update adds support for Cam Plus Pro on Wyze Cam Pan v2, expands controls for lighting device effects, plus several improvements and bug fixes.


Read our Release Notes:


Oh wow, ahead of schedule. We just barely had a Fix-It-Friday response 7 hours ago telling us 2.35 would be released within the next couple of weeks:

And POOF! Here it is 7 hours later! YAY! Maybe 2.36 will get here a little sooner? Maybe within the next month? :crossed_fingers:



The iOS app isn’t listed on the Release Note as of 5:53 AM Pacific Time… Since my phone updated to 2.35.0 (13) I hope it isn’t full of bugs :astonished: :astonished:


We have not been able to get the page updated yet, I apologize for that, we are working to get that resolved.


The app seems to be working just fine (for now) :grin: :grin:


Commercial Removal from Wyze app

I know its always about the money but I have already bought and paid for my Cam v3s and just want to use them without commercials popping trying to sell me service. PLEASE STOP IT. Or just tell me how to make the popups with the cat opening the refrigerator STOP.

[Mod Note]: Your request was merged for better visibility to Wyze. This issue also needs to be posted in the next Fix-it Fridays topic (Oct 7, 2022).

What older Wyze app version did NOT have the ability to force commercial popups?

A Wyze Team member will start a topic in this #news category sometime on Friday, October 7, 2022. The Subject will most likely be “Fix-It Friday 10/7/22”. Simply reply to the topic with your issue. You may cut and paste verbatim. I’m sure others will post issues similar to yours. Just click the “like” icon on any user replies you wish Wyze to consider addressing. Please read last month’s topic for details and examples: Fix-It Friday 9/2/22


Since update Wyze in my ios15.7 iphone.
the event thumbnail no longer showing a pic but just a cam icon.

submitted log.

Using camera v2. No sound on google hub since last wyze update.
I have tried to re-sync through the google home app, unplugged devices, restarted devices, etc with no resolve. Wyze please help with issue.
Sound will come through the phone but not google hub since last update.