App Versions 2.9.58 (iOS) and 2.9.70 (Android) Released - 4/7/20

Hello, forum folks!

We’re releasing app versions 2.9.58 for iOS and 2.9.70 for Android today. Here’s what they do:

  • Add support for Apple Health for Wyze Scale on iOS
  • Fix an issue preventing some tablets from seeing the app in Google Play
  • Fix some other bugs

For people who have had trouble updating their tablets with 2.9, please try again and let me know how it goes. Thank you for your patience!

You can read our Release Notes here:


Thank you for the heads-up and the quick response to the Android tablet problem. Loaded v2.9.70 from Google Play Store on all of my Android tablets and all appears to be working well! Loving the hardware decoder too! :+1:


My Android tablet is back in business again and is working great. Yessss! :grinning:


Hooray! Thanks for letting us know! :smiley:

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Google Pixelbook Version 79.0.3945.119 (Official Build) (64-bit) Android 7.1.1 I was running the Wyze app without problems for a few months, then along about Oct. or Nov. of LAST year, after an update on Google Play my app was removed and play store said my device was incompatible, since then it doesn’t even show on the play store. I give up I’ll just pay for tinyCam Pro, it WORKS.

Nice job, looks like ya nailed the fix.
Bonus , looks like it’s running pretty good on the old Nexus 7 Android 6 , better than the last 3 versions

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Well, dang. That sounds like a different issue. Sorry to hear about that. :frowning:

What happens when you search for the Wyze app in the Google Play Store website? Do you get a compatibility message?

It doesn’t show in the Google Play store.

Didja stick with Android 5 for the No-Doze (responsive notifications) effect?

Do you sideload the Wyze app?

Actually , I made a Boo Boo :upside_down_face: (changed it) I mixed them up, the Samsung S 4 has Android 5 on it.

Cool… :slight_smile:

When are we getting Apple health for the wyze band?

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So when do we get person detection back? I’m about ready to shop elsewhere for new cameras. These are mostly useless to me without it.


Do we have any timing update for support for Google Fit with the scale and band?

Good question…I thought it was just me. Seems like the band has some “fine tuning” issues. So far just getting to know this new band.

I stopped my updates before person recognition disappeared so I still have it on mine. I wonder if you can side load the old version?

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Hmm I’ll check it out. Thanks.

I think you would have to roll back the camera firmware also.