Wyze android app says it will stop working January 11, 2022

:grinning: what me…

You and I have the same setup: 2 Android Devices and 1 iPhone. I use the Android Devices primarily, only use the iPhone when I am validating something or testing things for a community member. But the moment it is done, it goes back in the drawer.


Me three. I can and have gone days without realizing my iPhone needs to be charged. :slight_smile:


…We will likely push [firmware] updates to outdated devices beginning February 1 through February 15, 2022…


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Given the past experiences that beta tests still have escaping bugs.

Wait for a world wide bricking when the firmware failed updating.

When Wyze is working well… I love it.

When Wyze failed, it is hell trying to fix.


i have asked for Wyze to provide a space on their website for an APK repository (a list of older versions )

vote to support it here


As far as I know, around here, I am the originator of the reference to the #$%^&* iPhone. I have a work issued @#$%^&* iPhone that I absolutely despise - but have to carry all the time. My personal phone is an Android and I have an Android tablet (although it is primarily used for flying my drone). I have the Wyze app on all three and although I primarily use the Android for Wyze, having Wyze on a second phone that I am carrying all the time comes in handy at times. It also allows me to beta test stuff on both platforms. There have also been a few times that the Android app hardly worked, and some times when the iOS app hardly worked so having the other platform was handy now and then.


:dagger: :crown:

You are sir… which is why it sticks out every time, and has me loling. I feel the passion in those special characters.

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Are you really saying I have to get a new phone to keep using my Wyze Cam 3 App?

Are you running Android 7 or later?

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Since the Wyze firmware updates result in EVERYTHING Wyze breaking, I suspect this signals the end of me using (and recommending) Wyze. Maybe - for once - the firmware update will actually work? (HA!)

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