Support Wyze Android app for versions older than Android 7

Hi, The Wyze app no longer works on my Nexus Android phone. Please make the app compatible with earlier versions of Android older than Android 7.

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Here is some back story and discussion about why the minimum supported OS level was changed.


provide support for wyzeapp for android v 6.0.1

should be easy to do

This is not a good idea. I use a really old version of the Wyze app. I get it when I need it from a repository like APKMirror.

But I do not expect Wyze to support it. They chose to change their minimum OS versions for technical and practical reasons. That’s how technology works and the fact that we, as users, are still free to try to run old unsupported software is one of the great things about more open platforms like Android.

Google themselves stopped supporting it two years ago in September 2019. Few current apps run on it, as I’m sure you know. Why ask a company selling $25 cameras to use its resources to support a dead end?

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I Don’t need WYZE to support older versions, just keep them available for download for us Luddites. I have an Android 5 phone that has long since been retired but I used for monitoring my cams at my bedside. It didn’t work for anything else but I didn’t need it for anything else, just looking at my cam images.

Unfortunately, I was doing a software cleanup and accidentally deleted the old WYZE app from my phone. Now I can’t load it again (my Android version isn’t supported.)

I see above that there are archival sites that might have it but I’m reluctant to leave the official WYZE domain to load them fearing viruses or worse. Can’t there be a place on the WYZE site for safe legacy apps (whether they are fully functional or not)?

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Agreed, previous versions would be fine as long as there is camera, sound and notification functionality. On my Android phone, I had the previous version of the app, but at some point it logged me off, would not allow me to logon and stopped receiving notifications.

That is fair and I agree with you. Unfortunately very few vendors seem willing to offer APKs outside of the Play Store (and Amazon if you’re lucky). The only repository I still trust, other than F-Droid who stock only open source, is APKMirror. APKPure was compromised months ago.

Restore support for older androids!

As of your last release, not only is the new version of the android app incompatible with my tablets, the version already installed on them comes up empty.

There is no excuse for breaking a customer’s existing setup short of a security disaster. Not everyone sees a reason to replace perfectly functional hardware every few years.

I’m lucky in that my phone, at least, is still recent enough to run the new setup, so you haven’t quite bricked my entire site. But this breaks my ability to use the old tablets as home-automation control panels, which is a significant inconvenience and reduces the value of your product.

I’m really disappointed in you. Wyze used to be a great choice for cost-effective solutions. You’ve just hiked my cost to maintain my existing setup by several hundred dollars.

It’s ok if the old hardware can’t run all your latest bells and whistles. Just don’t break the functionality we paid for. It can’t be that hard to bridge the old app to your new system, or give us a “legacy” app we can install on older androids, can it?

Old Tablet/Phones need to be updated to use Wyze App

As new Tablets and phones release each year the older ones are now outdated and most apps cannot be used. Rendering these old tablets and phones useless. I could understand why you can’t update some apps because of the features but why are we not able to update the wyze app just to view the cameras? I have several old tablets and phones that I would like to set up as dedicated camera monitors. But some are older that I cannot even update the app. At minimal there should be an options for old devices to at least just have a 24/hr monitor view. I could understand that some features will require the most up to date because of the programming and coding but just to view these cameras would be great for older devices that could be set up on the wallmounts for security monitoring.

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I posted earlier that I can no longer download the Wyze app to my old phone. Now e again are required to upgrade to a new version, but the new app will not load onto the phone, it is too fat to fit the available memory (without me having to pick some other desired app to make more room.

Bigger is NOT better when the new app provides capability I don’t need or want. Granted that I am behind the curve but I still think there should be a legacy version offered for those of us that aren’t on the leading edge of technology.