No more Android 5 Support?

According to everything I have read online, Android 5.x is the lowest Android level supported for the Wyze app. A couple of updates ago, my Android 5.x Wyze app has become useless. I am lucky to get to the first panel to view all Cams, but if I select a cam, the app reboots. I saw problems earlier but it seemed to work for some time before this recent failure.

Is support for Android 5.x being dropped? My other devices are running on Android 10 or at least 9 without any issue. My old S4 is rarely used in the master bath to see who is at the door.

I tried freeing up app space and reinstalling. The Wyze app crashes whenever I do anything more that access the first screen on my Android 5.x device. All other versions work fine.

Mostly curious, but it may be time to trash the S4.

Can you try going back to v2.8.xx?
You can download an APK from APKPure then sideload it.
Ask if you need help.

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That could be a viable option for my old phone.