Latest supported Android version

What is the latest version of Android that is supported when using a V2 camera?

My primary s10e with v9 works fine but I also use my older phone for convenience. It has always worked fine until the last couple of upgrades. Now that I type this out I am thinking I should reinstall. Although I am still curious as to which versions of Android are supported.

With my old phone I can view the overall grouped cams. I do see odd green bars but I see movement. When I select a cam, the app pauses and returns to main menu.

Thanks for any info.

According to the Support page, the Wyze app requires Android 5.0 up. They don’t really specify a high end. Be aware though, they were forced to remove hardware acceleration from the app, so older phones won’t work nearly as well. They are considering their options.


Yes, you may want to reinstall for that.

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Interesting. The old phone is on 5 but the acceleration option was long gone and it used to work a couple of versions ago.

Thanks for the info.

I suppose it’s possible that 5.0 and up won’t be the minimum without hardware acceleration, so that may be one of the things they are looking at.

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Hardware acceleration was removed a couple versions ago (2 weeks) in Android v2.5.28 on Aug 27.

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I thought it was long ago but thanks. That makes sense.