Wyze and FitBit Ionic

I love how my FitBit Ionic watch receives notifications anytime a Wyze Contact Sensor, Motion Sensor, or Wyze Cam/Pan Detection Zone is triggered—from anywhere! Notifications for the Sensors are received usually within a second or, at the most, two.

My entire neighborhood receives regular home security tips from me, and believe I should be receiving a commission from Wyze. I reply, “No! Let’s keep the costs down!”

Great job, Wyze!


I get the same on my FitBit Blaze

Great, Jason!

Not sure wht I can’t get this to work on my Versa. In the Fitbit app I do have the Wyze app notification checked off.

Are you getting the notifications on your phone and they just aren’t coming across to the Versa?

Hey Jason…I *finally * figured things out. Wasn’t getting the notifications on the Versa. Took me awhile to even see them on my cellphone. I have a Samsung G9 and the icon is minuscule. But all is well now

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Glad you got it working

I think it would be cool if there was a list somewhere on the forum , of all the watches that work with wyze notifications

Great idea! I have experience with the FitBit Ionic—amazing how fast the notifications are most of the time. Since Wyze is not HomeKit compatible, I wonder if Wyze notifications make their way to the Apple Watch?

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I do not have an Apple Watch, but I have seen that they do. I have a Fitbit Blaze and they also go there

I can get Wyze notifications on my 5G Samsung phone but not on my FITBIT Blaze. I had them on my blaze but my phone went crazy the other day and i had to reformat it back to day one.I loaded everything back in and I have Wyze on my wireless network to communicate with. I have my phone synced with FITBIT via Bluetooth. Somehow, the notifications are not showing up on my Blaze now. Restarted FITBIT and phone but nothing. Help