Wyze and Alexa

I was having less than perfect response and performance from my Wyze devices and Alexa today. Sometimes routines would run, sometimes not. Some of the Wyze functions were not responsive at times.

Finally I asked Alexa to turn on a Wyze plug and for the first time ever (for me anyway) she suggested disabling and reenabling the Wyze skill after reporting having a problem.

That is a trouble shooting step I usually take but it was interesting to hear Alexa suggest it rather than just say there was a problem.


That’s a new amazon update. They direct you to the fix.

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I have a generic smart plug that went offline…after I rebooted my network.
Alexa, turn on hallway… and Alexa replied hallway is offline check it’s network connection.

I unplug and replug the smart plug and I was good to go in about 2 seconds !

I’m glade at least Amazon is doing their job well !!


My Alexa routines with Wyze have been spotty the last few days. Also motion sensors, but not all and not contacts. I’ve so far chalked it up to internet problems due to virus related lockdown etc.
Guess it’s time to disable & enable.


Alexa hasn’t given me any issues at all even though I’m having some issues with some Wyze devices Alexa is always letting me know what’s going on. So at least I have her to count on. And she’s always good for a joke

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