Wyze, Amazon & Prime: and 🇨🇦Canada

Hi @WyzeJasonJ,
If Wyze uses Amazon.com Prime
and Amazon.com and Prime can ship to Canada,
Why can’t Wyze use Amazon.com Prime to ship to Canada?

I often buy things on Amazon.com and get them shipped to us here in Canada.
Wyze seems to have a restriction on this that other companies do not have?

Any chance of this being fixed and made available for us in :canada:Canada. We pay the exchange rate and get the products?
Thanks for consideration on this.
I have account on Amazon.com and also on Amazon.ca

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For consideration. :smiley:
Amazon.com looks to allow Canadians to shop on Amazon.com as well as Amazon.ca.
It appears up to the product provider to allow for their products to ship outside of USA.
This seems like an easy, efficient way for Wyze to provide all of their products to us in :canada:Canada??? @wyzedave ?

here is an example from Amazon.com for electronics shipping to Canada.