Wyze Advertising for Security System

Dear Wyze Community,

Have your noticed the photo for advertising the security system? Seriously? A perfectly Anglo-looking African American guy, apparently abducting a young Anglo child? As for me, I’ve invested in Wyze products because I a) like the products and b) the company seems different from the tech mainstream in many ways. But this? Would like to think that Wyze could do better.

What makes you think this is anything more than a father or other adult leaving home with a child?


My first impression was a father and son leaving their home. :woman_shrugging:t2:


Welcome Kate. :+1: Need to scroll down…


Cool. Glad to know these were your first impressions.

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I took this as symbolizing protecting your family’s home when you all leave the house (Father and son leaving the house, and father is going to set the alarm after they leave).

Having actually interacted with people being treated for kidnapping and sex offenses, this doesn’t look abduct-y to me. There would be a totally different mannerism on both ends if that was being implied, and it shows the security system is there inside the house, so if it was an abduction, the guy would be panicking at the alarm going off, not casually walking outside with his son. Even if the kid was 100% white and the father not, it would make no difference to me as I have personal experience with mixed race families, including adoptions, etc. If the picture was implying an abduction it would look a LOT different, and Wyze definitely wouldn’t make it racially explosive.


Maybe blended families aren’t common where you’re from, but that man is obviously the father of that child. Being the father of a multi child, I all the time witness people who assume her race or get half of the races wrong. People are just bad at judging the race of children when the kids aren’t single-ethnic-obvious. Also too - why would anyone jump right to the conclusion that an African-American were portrayed as a criminal? That’s racist.


Sir/Ma’am, this is a Wendy’s.


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Yikes. I can certainly understand your alarm if that is the conclusion you came to. I can confirm that this is NOT depicting an abduction and we were showing a beautiful blended family. :slightly_smiling_face:

Leaving this topic up so anyone else that is concerned can find it. But I’m going to leave the comments closed.

Have a great day!