Wyze 47 battery replacement and new watch styles timing

Battery is essentially worthless. Lasts a couple of hours, and recharge time is only an hour which makes no sense. Can the battery be replaced? I would actually like to get a new one in space blue. It has said “available soon” for months. When will they be available?

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I’ve been using mine for about 3 months now also noticed how quickly the battery drains even when it claims it can last 9 days…

Here are a few things I had to do to prevent the battery from wearing down so fast…

Turn off continuous heart monitoring, on the watch face , go to settings > heart rate and toggle it off

Brightness , I keep mine on LOW at all times unless I’m out in the sun and can’t see the watch face

Notifications : I only have message , calls , and wyze notifications turned on

I work nights , so I turn off raise to wake from 9 am - 6 pm every day bc that’s when I’m sleeping so try turning raise to wake off when you’re sleeping (if you want the watch to monitor your sleep) and so as to not accidentally raise to wake the watch face when I’m moving around in bed since the watch is pretty sensitive to turn on

And I also schedule do not disturb from 9 am - 6 pm so the watch won’t turn on by a notification.

I’m going on about 2-3 days in between charges still but it’s reduced the battery depleting then when I first used it


Oh and I also just recently did some testing. I turned off raise to wake, I noticed how sensitive the watch face is to falsely activate the watch face.

I work with my hands and the watch is constantly being turned on by me slightly moving my wrist, or in bed etc. I was falsely triggering the watch face to turn on more times than I actually needed it to.

So I went ahead and turned raise to wake completely off. I know, this is a really kind of a handy feature but the wyze app doesn’t allow you to change the sensitivity from normal to sensitive like my old Amazfit 5 could.

It can be kind of annoying having to press the side button to turn on the watch face, but it definitely preserves the battery with raise to wake turned off compared to when I had it turned on.

The battery doesn’t deplete as fast as it did before, so I’m definitely noticing an improvement. This is another tip I forgot to add