When I open my WYSECAM app the is no login fields available, just the WYSECAM logo. Uninstalled and reinstalled the app. Same results.

Did your phone had internet connection at that time ?

What is the model of your phone ?

This camera would be great if it were easier to connect. It just sits loading and I have to remover and reinstall. Not really as great as everyone says.

Have you tried simply unplugging and plugging back in the camera? When I had a few issues that always resolved it. I am not having these issues any more so I can’t say if it would still help.

The cameras are great once connected and even if you can’t connect, they still do a good job of recording clips and uploading them. Not a great job, but a good job. They don’t catch all the motion they should. There is a lag between motion clips that can miss a ton (highly recommend the SD card for anyone wanting to use these as security).

The big issue for those that want to utilize all the advertised features is the questionable connectivity. Half the time I have to make multiple attempts just to upgrade the firmware because the camera loses connection. I can hardly do playback because the camera either won’t connect or loses connection. I get still images all the time with the time code frozen. Sometimes it resovles, but most of the time not.

All of this is to say that the cameras are good enough for how much you pay, but the app and connectivity leave so much to be desired. A good camera that doesn’t work is a bad camera.

I changed to a different router. How do I change your settings to reflect this network change?

Just add the camera like you did the first time, but with the new wifi settings. It will recognize it is that same camera that was already set up in your App and it will replace it. You will need to enter the camera name again.

Here’s a refresher: https://youtu.be/591OhccLKz0?t=56

did this resolve? mine just did the same thing. i have cleared cache, data uninstalled and reinstalled. app just sits at splash screen showing logo.

Same thing here. Both phone and tablet acting in same manner. Splash screen with spinning wheel…I have cam shut down, and have active internet connection.

Same problem as others. Wyzecam app takes a VERY long time to login, then nothing…just the Wyzecam logo. I tried on several different devices.

started acting back normal now

Update on review

3 of my 4 cameras in different locations went down and cannot be restarted remotely
Problem is that they are thousands of miles away and I won’t get to them for months

It seems that if the internet goes down they do not automatically reconnect when it gets back online pointing to a major software flaw

So cheap and easy to set up yes but totally unreliable so AVOID

This never happened with the overpriced Nest camera that I had for 4 + years


My app will not allow me to get past the “login” screen; I supply my login name and password (which were supplied to Wyze to get to this forum page), but all I see is the spinning logo, which spins for a while, and then I am at the login page again. If I try to register, it’s the same…spinning and then no progress. There is a brief pop-up on the app’s screen showing the text “network” in a grey box for a couple of seconds before the app reverts to its state prior to trying to register me.

It’s as if there is no network connectivity for the phone I am using, but I do know the phone has connectivity.

Thanks for any help.

I had the same thing happen starting on Friday - most of the day. I was at work and on wifi and its usually flawless here, but towards the end of the day after several hours of not being able to get past the splash/login screen, after restarting phone to clear cache, deleting and reinstalling the app from the App Store, and just waiting to see if it cleared itself up, I toggled off my Wifi, and was able to login and connect over cellular. After that, I was able to toggle back on Wifi and everything was back to normal.

Not sure what that means - but its been good for me since that, so may be worth trying.

I took a deeper look into this issue. What I saw was:

  • When the app starts, it wants to connect to api-1426255758.us-west-2.elb.amazonaws.com. So it does a DNS query against this name and sees three addresses come back.
  • The app then tries to connect to any/all of these 3 addresses via TCP thru port 8443.
  • All connection attempts fail (no TCP responses are seen).
  • When I try to manually connect to each of these 3 addresses, I get a "No route to host" message" for all 3 of the addresses. In other words, the system the app first needs to talk to to get going is unreachable. Kind of makes the app unusable.
So, uh, why would api-1426255758.us-west-2.elb.amazonaws.com be (perhaps temporarily) unreachable?

Oops. My router was getting in the way and blocking access to port 8443. Once I changed that, all good!