Wyse Sense V? and Ver2

I Just bought 3 HMS with free 6 months monitoring and wanted to pickup additional climate sensors and see they only work on VER2 which was just released. How do I figure out which sense I have or should I return them?

I did buy extras for the extra key pads and entry sensors.

V2 is the current version of Wyze sense…everything running HMS etc. The V1 is the old version of sense which used the camera bridge. Not sure how you plan to use three of them since you can’t run multiple locations under HMS.


I have multiple locations that I wanted to use the ones I bought at home depot with 6 month monitoring, I wanted to add leak detectors and temp detectors and noticed that the ones on the web site state they only work with VER 2 not sure how to tell what ver I have. They are still in the box unopened.

As Bill said, the Home Monitoring System Kit (HMS) is Version 2 of Wyze Sense.

You will need 3 user IDs to run 3 HMS systems.

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If your stuff looks like this, it is the V2 sensor/hub kit:

Screenshot 2022-02-09 at 08-03-26 Shop