Wyse 3 not charging

Not sure what I am doing wrong. I bought the wyse 3 looked like it was charged…took it outside put it up and battery died… I sent the first camera back to Amazon…got a replacement same thing battery drains right away…Can I replace the battery myself… I am disappointed as I have the indoor camera no issued I am charging with the cord that came with it

Welcome to the community @carolynmitchell2010 . I am a community member like you and try to help when I can.

I have a question, are you talking about the Wyze Outdoor (WCO) Camera or the Wyze Cam v3?

The Outdoor Camera comes with a Base Station Like this:

The Cam v3 does not and can also be used out doors:

Here is why I ask, the v3 does not have a battery and must be plugged in to be used. The WCO has a battery and takes about 4 hours to be fully charged. It is best to hook it up to the base station when charging as it charges a bit faster. the WCO will connect to the base station and the base station talks to your network via WiFi or Ethernet.


Welcome to the forums! In addition to @spamoni4 s great pointers, and assuming you were using the WCO (Wyze Cam Outdoor) and not the v3, how were you using the WCO? How much Live streaming? How many events were you getting? Thanks in advance!


Adding a solar panel might improve this situation vastly even though it’s probably long since resolved… :smile:

Sounds as if some continuous activity is in play here, whether it’s continual live viewing or constant activity in the detection zone. Something is definitely hammering that battery.