Wye outdoor cam questions

I have few questions.

First, why does the camera lose connections frequently even though I have a strong internet and good wifi? The base station goes blinking at least 3 times a week and I have to remove and plug in back the base station and than the camera connection comes back. This is not due to wifi issue cos my other devices connection to same home wifi is fine.

2nd, when the camera records motion like a person, it stays on my wyze app accounbt for 14 days only right? What if I send the clip to my gmail account? Will the recorded clip that I sent to my gmail account will also disappear after 14 days? There is an option to use microsd card to save the videos permanently? What’s the advantage of the microSD card?

3rd, on the Event Recording, do I have to turn on the “Detect Motion” all the time? On the Smart Detection, I can only set to Person Detection if I only want human beings to be recorded? Will tree and vehicle movement be recorded if I only turn on the Person Detection?

Thanks if you can answer these questions and guide me.

Hey, welcome back to the forum!

I’m not sure, I have had this happen sometime. I recommend using an Ethernet wired connection to the base if you can, if not make sure it’s close to the router. You could have an underpowered router, and it’s getting overloaded with all the cams and kicking the base off the network sometimes. You may want to look into a new one depending on how old and how good of a router you currently have.

The events will only be in the events tab of the app for 14 days. Once you share the event (like emailing it) it becomes stored elsewhere (email servers) and is no longer attached to Wyze. It will be in your email forever until the email is deleted, or if you have autodelete enabled.
Alternatively you can put an sd card in the BASE station, and it will auto save events to that card. Unfortunately you cannot view them in the app, you need to remove the sd card and view them on a computer. This also does not work if you have cam plus. It will work on cam plus lite.

The sd card in the cam itself is only for Timelapse’s and scheduled recording.

I’m not entirely sure what you mean by this question, but if you enable person detection on the event recording settings, it will add a person tag to the events. You can the filter events in the events tab by person or other tags. Note that cam plus lite is required for person tags and cam plus is required for others.

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The 3rd question, go to settings , event recording, and under event recording, there is Detects Motion. Should I always leave it switched to ON?
On smart detection, I have only turned on the Person Detection and rest are off. so the camera won’t record any movement like trees shaking or vehicles?


Detects motion must be on if you want recorded events to show up on your events page. I have 4 of the Version 1 WCO, all on Cam Plus Lite, Smart detection set to person and they all record all other motions like all of my critter friends at the water bowl, trees moving and sometimes shadows moving and anything else that it detects moving within it’s range. If you just want to see PERSON events turn that Filter on> top of the events page. Person Filter turned on > screenshot.

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