WTH WYZE Thermostat

Why, on God’s green earth, can’t we set our temperatures to Temp A during the day/Temp B during the night for AC/HEAT independently!? I’m a stay at home Mom. I homeschool four kids all day. On these “in between” season days (when the weather goes from super cold to super hot on a dime) I need my thermostat to NOT need so much babysitting. I find I’m constantly updating my controls depending on if the heat or ac is on. I understand there is something important about the 5° differential situation for when you leave the system on AUTO - but what about people like me?

I want to set an AC schedule and a HEAT schedule and manually switch between them when I deem necessary. I’ll gladly forgo the “convenience” of the AUTO function to save the time it takes to reset my schedule.

We have a heat pump. I’d love for it to be be a seamless transition from 68°/64° when the heat is running and 72°/68° when it’s in AC mode.

I sprung for the WYZE Thermostat ala “one brand to rule them all” (we have WYZE cameras and lights) but. Help. I miss my Honeywell :sob:

The 5° “Deadzone” is an equipment safety measure to keep your Heat Pump from switching back and forth constantly in Auto Mode when the temp fluctuates by a few degrees between the Heat To & Cool To setpoints. Coupled with the user defined Differential Temp (how far below or above the setpoint it is allowed to go before a call to heat or cool kicks in and how far above or below the setpoint it heats or cools before it stops) it could create a very harmful and\or overlapping situation for your heat pump.

The user defined adjustible Differential Temp is capped at 3° above\below, the Deadzone at 5°. That way, when in Auto, the system can’t drive the temp too close to the opposing function potentially creating an endless Heat\Cool feedback loop with each opposing function fighting for dominance and damaging the unit.

I am a bit confused by your range for Heat and for Cool when in manual Heat or Cool mode. When you switch to manual Heat mode, there is no range. Only the Heat To value is used. When in manual Cool mode, only the Cool To value is used. The other Set Point is ignored when not in Auto Mode.

The schedules are based on fixed times of the day. For your application, all your scheduled times would be mostly for Home Mode during the day rather than Sleep Mode or Away Mode.

With the setpoint values you provided, during your daytime hours, the following should work to satisfy your needs and also satisfy the restrictions:

From “X” am to “Y” pm, Heat To 66°, Cool To 71°. Set your Differential Temp to 2°.

In this instance, the thermostat, when in manual Heat Mode, will start heating at 64° and stop at 68°. When in manual Cool Mode, it will start cooling at 73° and stop at 69°. With a 1° Differential Temp = Heat 65\67, Cool 72\70… 3° Differential Temp = Heat 63\69, Cool 74\68.

Then, to easily manage your switch from heat mode to cool mode when you want, create a Shortcut Button Rule to tap when you want to change the mode quickly from the app.

Alternatively, if you have Alexa or Google Home Voice Assistant devices, you can accomplish this by voice command:

“Alexa, Set [thermostat name] to {Heat\Cool\Auto} mode.”

“Hey Google, set {thermostat name] to {Heat\Cool\Heat-Cool}.”

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