Works great until I access it, then I can't get live video

I have motion detection and notification turned on. I know the camera is working because it detects motion, makes a recording and sends me a notification. From my phone I can play the videos the camera has saved. BUT, when I access the phone for live video it just tries to connect a few times and gives up. The recommended troubleshooting step don’t help. Any ideas?

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I’ve got some questions:

  • Is your app updated?
  • are you using mobile data or WiFi?
    Also try deleting the Wyze app and reinstalling it.

@bill56587 Welcome!

When you are trying to view the live stream, are you using your LTE mobile network with data turned on or are you using your local WiFi ?

Try setting your quality to SD or 360p to use less bandwidth and see if the live stream connects. I occasionally have to do this myself especially using my LTE network away from home.


I’m using my local WiFi. It also happens when I run they WYZE app on my PC under LDPlayer. My PC has a cat5 connection. I have no problem with live video with Nest, MIPC or Alcidae cameras and they are actually a bit further from an access point. I run into problems streaming to my echo screen too.

I positioned the camera just 8’ from a router. I still can’t connect to it with my phone or PC in order to change the quality to SD. Now I’m getting Device is off line (error code 90). I’ve cycled power on it 3 times.

OK, I finally got in and changed the quality to 360. It was stable for about 30 seconds and disconected itself. I’m back to not being able to stream it’s video.

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