Working thermostat disappeared from iphone

I’ve had Wyze thermostat installed and working for 2 years - no problems until today when I went to my Wyze folder and it is no longer listed!!!

I have/had several Wyze cameras - several V1 stopped working after a particular firmware upgrade which ticked me off… and now the thermostat doesn’t appear in my iPhone!! I didnt do any firmware upgrades to thermostat. I can operate it manually.

I’m not seeing any easy way to reinstall it…

By “Wyze folder”, do you mean the Wyze device list in the app?

You can factory reset the thermostat on the front panel, then you should be able to reinstall it.


I am sorry you are having these issues. I am curious when did your v1’s stop working, there has not been a firmware update on those for 2 years, there is however an issue currently where if a v1 loses power it will no longer connect. Wyze is currently looking into this issue and hope to resolve it.

Did @Newshound’s advice help fix the thermostat?

It’s been some time… maybe a year… it’s just that when we travel we like checking in on our animals… with Covid slowly getting better we are starting to travel more so not having the cams operating is getting annoying. The Wyze agent I talked to couldn’t answer my question about the last firmware upgrade injected the can’t reconnect problem. The end of life statement said it was owners decision to operate with a security venerability… but if last fw upgrade caused the connection issue when Wyze took it upon themselves to make them inoperable. And if that’s the case what’s to stop Wyze from doing to other products?

Customer support is practically useless

But the last firmware update was 2-1/2 years ago, and they worked most of that time.