Workaround for iOS access to forum from App

It’s an irritant more than a bug, but functional flow is impacted,so I’ll ask and see what comes back:

Since iOS 13/14 and privacy changes to the WiFi and networking protocols, the need to log in every time I leave the forum and return has become a bit of an issue from my iPhone and iPad (haven’t played around with my Android).

I find that about 50% time even if I log in, the forum still reflects a guest status. Then the last couple days (timing based on my noticing, not of actual timing of the causes) I can not even click login as it’s at the top of the screen, hidden by the apps frames.

Try to scroll it to click, and it’s a Benny Hill skit trying to outperform my phone as it bounces back up and provides a tiny window for the most nimble keyboard warrior.

Two observations/requests came to me:
Is there a security related issue that precludes the login state passing from the app to the forum that is still framed in the App?

If there is no way to pass oAuth state, what is the best way to use the forum from within the App.

If you log in to the forum, which remains under the apps framing, go back to the app to verify something, then back to the forum having never closed the app and remaining logged in on the app and forum, is there any way to prevent having to log in yet again?

Of course I open a browser instance to avoid most of this, but no reason to do that unless it’s for this or perhaps some other issue.

I use this app on my iPhone and iPad to access not only the Wyze forums but several other companies such as Eufy. It remembers my login just fine. I am on iOS 14.2

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I installed it about an hour or so ago, it’s a great solution, not just for Wyze as you said but all the others I deal with, thanks very much!!!

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Glad it helped!

Yes, I’d toyed around with other platforms, just never an aggregator, the need is there!

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