Forum usability on iPhone doesn't fit

Looks like the app needs an update, possible due to the “notch”.

the forum is cut off at the top with the navigation
| < Forum |
so selecting the category at the top is near impossible.

This is more of a bug report than a wishlist item. As such, we’d request that you submit a Support Request about it.

That said, it may be easier just to bookmark the forum in your phone’s browser where I don’t think this is an issue.


Funny, I dont see forum access on my iPhone or Android; looked under Discover, Account, and 3 dot menu.

Oh well, I don’t need it. My Android has a small teardrop notch and the site works fine in the browser.

It sounds as if this bug needs to be addressed in the much requested app redesign.

App > Account > Help & Feedback > Forum

Samsung S8+

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I submitted a support request for this around 2 months ago. The response - :cricket::cricket::cricket:

Well whaddya know. Thanks.

Try viewing forums using desktop view. Forum works best that way but works flawless on a computer. Ya i know how weird, for a company that doesnt support PC use, the support works best on a pc.

You can also use “Add to Home Screen” once you’ve loaded the forum in the phone browser.

Doing this on Android works insanely well, creating a whole “Wyze Community” applet that will appear in your app list.

It works very well on iPhone as well, but is just a traditional link to Safari.

No, I do not spend way too much time reading this forum, why do you ask? :wink:

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What do you have at the bottom of your screen? I don’t have it.

On my iPhone 6 Plus:

On the iPhone X and later, that’s a bar indicating to swipe up to return to the home screen since there’s no home button to push. You won’t see this on iPhone 8 and earlier. Note that the keyboard switcher and dictation icons are embedded on the space bar line of your keyboard but shown on the home-bar line on the later phones.