Signing in + face recognition / TouchID

Please, please, enable face recognition. I hate signing in. Forums forces it repeatedly, even when signed in already (especially bothersome), For example, to follow a post’s author one must enable cookies: the ‘enable’ link doesn’t work, but do please sign in. Again.

Is this for the forum or the Wyze app? Which operating system?


Seems like he is pointing to the Forum and is using iOS.

IOS 12.2 accessing forums through the app (already signed in). To be clear, sign in with Face ID is the wish (and not troubleshooting the example usecase).

Accessing the forum from within the app is really just a portal into iOS Safari. As such, it’s really up to iOS how the sign in process is handled. No different than if you had gone directly to the forum in Safari.

Have you checked the “Stay signed in” box? Is that not working?

iOS will let you easily enter id/password if you use iCloud Keychain. You will see a Passwords link at the top of the keyboard. When you click this, it will use FaceID to open access to the stored credentials:


Thank you. I’ve got iCloud keychain enabled in settings. But I don’t see “passwords” at the top of the keyboard the way you do. Also I don’t see “keep me signed in” In Forums although I do remain signed in on the app itself. I understood that apps can request use of face ID but maybe I’m mistaken. There seems to be a list of apps that have requested Face ID in my systems settings, Although I cannot manually add new ones to it.

You need to go to Settings > Passwords & Accounts and turn on “Auto Fill Passwords”:

When you attempt to use an autofill password, that’s when the phone will use FaceID to verify it’s you. At least I expect that’s how it will work because on my older phone, that’s when it requests TouchID for verification.

Thanks for the detail. Autofill was enabled already, but I’ll keep working on it. Thinking it’s not a Wyze issue after all.

Found it!! I was looking under Face ID and Passcode, when it was under Passwords and Accounts, as u suggested. Thank you!

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Please add Face ID for login to the iPhone app rather than having to type a password. Thanks!


Can WYZE please add Touch ID support for the app please, so it can be faster logging in to the app if logged out after an update which sometimes happens. Please add this to the app for both IOS and Android.

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I would like my app to be protected by a passcode or Face ID.

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Facial recognition instead of Password

Create facial recognition for my iphone in lieu of typing in a password each time one opens the app.

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Biometric Fingerprint App Login

My phone (and any phone I have bought or will buy) has a biometric Fingerprint scanner I use for EVERYTHING.

Many of the apps I have for banking, finance, security, etc. utilize the biometric Fingerprint to authorize opening of the app rather than two factor authentication. Has Wyze considered adding this to their app?


I would like to see facial recognition and fingerprint for anything from Wyze that requires a sign in.


Add facial recognition to login. Finding password while traveling to use doorbell is difficult.

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