Wyze app on iPhone inconvenience

It used to be that my email address was saved in the Wyze app and all I had to do was enter my password to log in. No more. I have to enter my email address AND my password to log in to the Wyze app, and it is becoming increasingly frustrating and inconvenient.
Is there a way to save my email address and/or password to the Wyze app so I DON’T have to enter it every time I want to monitor my cameras?

That is a function of your phone settings not the Wyze app. In your phone settings open your Passwords tab. Then select Password Options on the next screen be sure to have “Auto-Fill” selected. That way any password you enter will be stored on your phone and will prompt you when needed to access an App or Website. Good luck

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And make sure “Clean up Automatically” is turned off. :sweat_smile:

There is no passwords tab on my iPhone.

Sorry, not applicable to iphone 8+. At least, not my iPhone running IOS 16.7.1

Password settings are on all iPhones, all iOS versions. Just need to find it. I don’t remember where they were under iOS 16… I think it’s a toggle setting at Settings > Touch ID & Passcode > Password AutoFill. There should be another area at Settings > Passwords > AutoFill. This is where you can specify where your passwords are saved and also toggle the feature on/off.

It’s already enabled. I don’t know what is wrong with the Wyze app so I deleted and reinstalled it. Maybe that will help.