Work on not for wyze

How do I know if someone on the wyze forum work for wyze or not?

User name will say so like Jason:
Screenshot (574)


There are a number of indicators:

  • The Forum menu has a Wyze Team item that shows employees.
  • You can also click on Groups in the menu to see available groups, and WyzeTeam is one of those. You can also join and leave some groups from this page.
  • You can click Badges in the menu to see which Forum badges you’ve acquired, and at the bottom of the list is a card you can click to see which Forum members have the Wyze Team Member badge.

As @Antonius said, though, the easiest way to tell is to look at the person’s Username and Profile Picture. The Profile Picture of a Wyze employee should have the Wyze “W” overlay in the lower-right corner.


You may need to visit the forum in a browser (rather than just in emailed notifications) to be able to see the Wyze employee indicators because it has been explained to you before.