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I traipse to prevent stepping on baby critter toes and to avoid stirring up evil orbs:


Ocular? :slight_smile:

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mixed bag




Wasn’t sure where the alimentary canal ended. Had to look it up. :slight_smile:

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Did it say a city on the East Coast that boarders Virginia and Maryland?

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benign neglect

My neglect of Livestream connectivity last night turned out to be benign. v2 cams continued to upload cloud Events and required only a warm reboot this morning to bring them back online.

Coined in 1899, Daniel Moynihan used the term some fifty years ago in a policy report for Richard Nixon. Jennifer Garner employed it recently (regarding child rearing) and it crawled into my ear.

See also laissez-faire and do-nothing.

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What a difference an ‘h’ makes :slight_smile:

  • c(h)at (talk casually or online convo or my cool cool clients :smiley_cat:
  • w(h)ine (feels like both of these are commonly applicable to influencing general social media posts in our current culture :joy: )
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Heh. :slight_smile:

s(h)ine and cos(h)ine… reflected glory?

‘sine’ was the first thing that popped into my head. Weird, because I’m math lame. :confused:

You full of Sit froggy > :rofl: But Happy New Year anyway. :raccoon:

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:laughing: If I had wings I wouldn’t bump the thing I sit on as much.

HNY, Antonionius!

You still chugging out of the bottle from last night? :joy: :rofl:

Sustainable dishevelment. :woozy_face:

Eat 3 flies, 2 slugs , 4 worms and you will be as good as new. :cook:

Lol, complete protein! :yum:

Fuddy - Duddy (Somebody that has a user name that starts with the letter A ) :wink:

Fuddyduddius! :wink:

Wiki entry sez the term is common in Maine. Was it familiar where you grew up?

Also from the wiki, curiously appealing:

The Wee Raggit Laddie

Wee stuffy, stumpy, dumpie laddie,
Thou urchin elfin, bare an’ duddy,
Thy plumpit kite an’ cheek sae ruddy,
Are fairly baggit,
Although the breekums on thy fuddy,
Are e’en right raggit.



Mick the Mouse now in the public domain!

(At least this prickly version.)


But next year, more than anything, we want to invent new products that don’t yet exist.…deliver new product experiences that still need to be invented. -Wyze founders (condensed by The Carver)

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