Wood Stove/Chimney Thermometer

During the colder months I burn wood in fact I have already started burning. The wood stove is in the basement and is easily forgotten about especially during a busy weekend. I would love to have a wifi or Wyze Bridge enabled sensor that I could use in place of my current anolog chimney thermometer.


  1. Magnetic to self adhere to the chimney pipe.
  2. WiFi or use of the current Wyze bridge
  3. Possible integration with Wyze T-Stat
    a. The integration would prevent or limit the use of conventional heating sources when the temperature in the system is above a certain temperature.
    b. Then the opposite should be true if the fire where to go out then the T-Stat should use conventional heat sources.
    c. The third option should happen if outside temperatures are really cold the fire is hot but the house losing heat. The the T-Stat should back up the wood stove to make the house comfortable.
  4. Alerts for high and low temperatures
  5. Possible use of heat as a power source for the sensor with a capacitor for backup when temps drop to low.

Heat is the enemy for all electronics so simple will be the key with the important parts insulated as much as possible.

One issue I see here is this would be a rather niche product. A general temperature sensor is one thing, but one that could withstand the high heat of a chimney pipe is another. Probably the most common type for that application would be a meat or barbeque thermometer that has remote (Bluetooth or WiFi) access, but that isn’t going to have the integrations you desire.

This is my setup with the wyze cam and Thermometers from Auber, the flue pipe has an internal probe , stove top has magnet Mount probe .
Stove is cool right now getting ready to put a small load in.



With a 64 GB SD card in the camera I can go back and check what the temperatures were at any given time during the burn.
I have the cam set for continuous recording and it is set on 360 P , no need for anything better.
Now is good time to set yourself up the Auber thermometers are on sale.
Instruction manual

I will check them out. I was thinking I could do a similar setup as yours with a cam pointing at my current setup, but I like what you are doing.

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I agree that they wouldn’t sell many of these in Florida however they could do well in just about every state that sees a few feet of snow every year. I also believe the customers in Canada would buy these hand over fist.

The thing is if you get a camera close enough to read the analog thermometer it’s probably gonna melt the camera

I have another camera in the room I can see the fire through the stove door but you can tell everything you need to know by the thermometers

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We don’t have indoor wood stoves in the Aloha State, but I can image the need for this device else where.