Wyze Wifi Meat Thermometer

I would so buy a Wyze wifi enabled meat thermometer. Say I need to run to the store to get something and I get stopped by all kinds of people wanting to talk and forget about the meat in the smoker and need to ck the temperature of it…then Boom Wyze Wifi Thermo (WWT) sends me a message saying 'dude your meat is at the right temp" I can then rush home and save the day…when really it was WWT that saved the day! What do you say Wyze can you save the day???

Great idea!

Except… Meat thermometer probes that are left in while cooking don’t last very long. They recommend removing them from the meat except when testing.

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Let’s talk multi function. Beer lovers / home brewer’s fermentation-temperature control is really important. If I still drank beer, you can be sure I’d want to receive an alert if the fermentation process was about to go haywire. Others might appreciate a freezer alarm. Maybe Wyze can think about making a multifunction thermal sensor for home and commercial applications.


Instead of running home, the temp triggers a wyze plug to cut smoker power. You get to stay and chat for as long as you want. And no car accidents rushing home. Wyze would save a meal and potentially a life or at the least an expensive insurance claim. It’s a win win win win!

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Ha I love this idea! I actually have a smoker myself (just made some stuffed flank steak on Sunday :yum:) so totally see the benefit. That said, we probably won’t be making this product anytime soon because it’s just not a big enough use-case.

Side note: my smoker shows the temperature on a small screen so I actually use a Wyze Cam to watch the temp while I’m out. Just a pro tip from one smoker to another.

Happy grilling! :cut_of_meat:

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Oh…now there you go… I could do that…thanks for the tip!!! Stay awesome Wyze!


There are some on the market, but I’m sure a WYZE meat thermometer would be less expensive and better.
(My turkey was undercooked this year.)

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I am looking for a wireless bbq/smoker thermometer and I think this would fit in the Wyze product line.



Will the new update on Wyze cam recognize numbers? It would be great if you could get it to notify you when it gets to a number. I’m thinking about those all night smokes when you have to wake up in the early morning to move to the next stage. You can always set a timer and then check the cam, but notifications are so much cooler. I know I can just buy a wireless thermometer, but Wyze just does everything better.

Any word on a WYZE WiFi Meat thermometer yet?

I have never heard anything.There are such things on the market from others, I think… Wyze seems to be moving away from providing low-cost innovative tools and gadgets.The wifi in-oven or on-grill meat thermometer seemed a natural.

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I’d buy a 4-pack of these.

Wireless meat thermometer for barbecue and smoking

How about a wireless meat thermometer set for those of us that are Wyze fanatics/grillers/smokers. I think a 4 probe set that tells you the temperature of the meat, the desired temperature, and the ambient temperature would be amazing. I know there are other similar products out there that already do this but who wants another app on their phone when we can have Wyze be oir one-stop-shop app to really have complete home control and automation

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