Won't pair on setup to my Pixel 5

I can’t complete the setup on the gun safe with the wyze app during the pairing phase. I am using a pixel 5 running android 12. It did however complete the set up and pairing process perfectly fine when I used my wife’s Samsung Galaxy S20.

My troubleshooting steps:
My phone and the Wyze app are fully updated.

  • I tried different batteries.
  • I had data, wifi, location, and Bluetooth turned on.
  • I gave the Wyze app full permissions.
  • I tried connecting to the Bluetooth manually in my phone’s Bluetooth settings.
  • I tried a mixture of holding down the pairing button first then triggering the pairing process of my phone, vs beginning the process on my phone first then holding the button after.
  • I tried again after it worked on my wife’s phone on the first attempt. Still no luck
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