Won't connect to deco m9 plus

My wyze pan v2 won’t connect to my deco m9 plus mesh network. Tried shutting off 5 ghz band, and also tried connecting to hotspot using same ssid and password and that didn’t work. Please help.

I don’t have a pan, but have had problems with devices refusing to connect.

Some newer devices seem to be able to handle more & different special characters, spaces, etc in the WiFi password and/or SSID than other devices.

It’s a pain to discover after the whole LAN is set up, but can easily test it with your hotspot.

Also annoying to give up that creative SSID or password. :rage:

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I recently bought the Deco S4 and used the guest network for all my IOT devices. I switched off the 5 ghz band. The cameras connected with no issues. A capital letter instead of lowercase or an accidental space at the beginning or end of the ssid could also be a problem.

I got it to work by doing a full camera reset. Hold reset for 10 seconds