Wize App working on a smart TV or apple TV

I have not found a way to get mulitple Wyze cameras working on a TV. Does anyone know if the Wyze cameras can be brought up on a smart TV? If so, be specific please.

Secondly, the only grid view is a 2 by 2 grid view. Is there anything other grid view like a 3 by 3 (9 live cameras at one time)?

Thanks for any help.

  1. Buy a Fire TV stick for $20 - $40.

  2. Insert it into your TV’s HDMI port.

  3. Purchase TinyCam Pro for $2 - $4 through the Fire interface.

  4. Start TinyCam Pro. It should be able to discover your cameras.

  5. Enter your Wyze credentials into TinyCam. You may have to configure it for each camera, increasing the display channel number.

  6. Set up TinyCam for a 3x3 or higher grid.