With Cam Plus on one camera, does the included Person Detection extend to ALL cameras?

I only need Cam Plus on one camera. I’m wondering if the (included) Person Detection is system-wide and will be active for my other 3 cameras.

No, only if you are a legacy pre-11/19 user and signed up for the separate Name Our Price by this week. CamPlus is per camera.

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Im not sure you understood my question? I know that Cam Plus is per camera. The question is if the Person Detection service (included with Cam Plus) is system-wide?

Welcome to the Forum Community, @bdbmgv. I think @Customer‘s answer’s was correct. As I understand it, CamPlus is a package and is only per cam with with all of its components. Person Detection is sold to legacy users separately. The PD from one CamPlus only covers one device, although the package, once purchased, can be moved between individual devices.

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No it is not.

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The person detection service that is included as part of the Cam Plus subscription is not system-wide. It is an inherent part of Cam Plus and sold on a per-cam basis.

Based on your forum join date, it appears that you are a legacy user and should have received an email describing the separate name-your-price person detection service that is system-wide. Is this correct?

Yes and I have signed up for PD, which for me is more valuable than Cam Plus. I was just wondering if I could sign up for Cam Plus and get system-wide PD with it. Two-for-one. Thanks for the explanation.

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It’s also not the same person detection. The 5 minute cooldown means you are comparing apples and oranges.