Wish they would add this ability

I wish they would add the ability to delete more than 20 detections at a time, especially on days when it’s windy or something triggers it a lot there can be pages and pages of detections. (I don’t like to turn mine too low because then I miss random stuff that shouldn’t be missed) but it would be nice to be able to check ALL and delete all the detections other than 20 at a time. Small problem just more annoying than anything.

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You can.

The Delete UI only shows the Events that you have currently loaded into the Events Thumbnail UI window. The default upon opening the Events tab is 20.

On any given day, scroll the Events window to the bottom of the list, pull up to load the next 20, and repeat until you get to the bottom.

Once at the bottom, then select the pencil :pencil2: icon and select as many as you want to delete.

Although, I don’t see the point of deleting any cloud videos. They will auto delete in 14 days and they use no storage space on your device.


My standing statement is why bother to delete them at all. Cloud events auto-delete in 14 days, and uSD card recordings (events or continuous) auto-delete when the uSD card gets full.

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Good thought, but that often doesn’t work. Often, I’ll do that and still end up with a bunch of undeleted videos that I have to delete again.

Because I get so many false alerts, mostly the camera detecting some motion unrelated to my truck but then reporting my truck as an event, that I want to just clear them all out and start over. Mostly I keep the truck in the garage but when it’s parked in the driveway I’ve resigned myself to having to deal with dozens of false alerts every time it’s out there.

Parked in the driveway… hmmm… anybody know why people park in the driveway and drive on the parkway? It’s one of the great mysteries of life… :slight_smile:

Like just now. It took me 5 tries to delete all the false video events generated by my truck sitting in the driveway.

I never knew this and it’s such a “duh” thing lol thank you! I also didn’t know it automatically clears stuff after a certain time. I’m still new to this brand! Thank you again !

Shhhh (evidence , some people don’t want the evidence for an audit trail.)

clean cut boy that do nuthin’ bad

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Perhaps Steven Wright has the answer…

Vehicle Detection should probably be off for a cam with a FOV that has a parked vehicle in it. I have three cams with overlapping fields where I park my work vehicle outside. Using Person Detection suffices for security alerts as any ne’er-do-well would need to approach on foot. There is only access by vehicle from the driveway where I have two other cameras trained to detect people and vehicles. So, if a vehicle does enter the driveway and head for the vehicle, it alerts me prior to them getting there. If they get out of their vehicle, the three cams trained in the parking area will start alerting.

I don’t waste time deleting and redeleting. I use filters so I don’t even see the motion events that don’t have tags. If I need to shorten my list, I set the filter to that one cam and the one type of AI tag I am looking for. With 25 cams recording events, the list can get long. Filters help to pinpoint anything I am interested in downloading and saving for later.


No worries! Every one of us new… once… and every time they release new cams, capabilities, devices, and features! :joy:

The forum is chock full of little nuggets of goodness. I still pick them up on a regular basis and bookmark posts that will come in handy.

Keep coming back and asking questions. You can also use the search feature to find answers to about anything.

Good luck!