Wind causes Sound event record with Cam v3

I have (2) v3 cams, one in the front yard and one in the back. Both are set to detect motion and sound. The sound detection sensitivity is 50% on the front cam, 6% on the rear.

On windy days, I get a high volume of sound events recorded on the rear cam. For instance, today I’ve had 25 sound events in the last 2 hours. The playback has a short (~1s) “whooshing” or “rustling” wind noise on each recording. The front camera almost never shows a sound event. This is a huge waist of resources.

Does anyone else have this experience? Is my rear camera bad? Should I put a piece of tape over the mic?

It could be the location of the cams, is the one that’s sending lots of events in a more windy location? If you don’t need sound events you could disable them, and if you have cam plus you could use AI filters if you want. Other than that, not much you can do, wind just makes a lot of noise for microphones

I found a reddit post that says (a) wind noise on v3s are a common problem and (b) he implemented a fix by covering the mic opening with a piece of foam. I will try it with a piece of cloth tape.
simple wind noise filter

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have you tried the fix for the wind noise?
I just purchased a v3 and there were 15 sound events today and everyone of them was wind.
I have my sound detection set at 25%


Sound detections are tricky, but outdoors they are almost impossible. Too many things happening outdoors. The sound of a voice, is the same as the sound of a car, is the same as a dog barking, is the same as wind over a mic hole. And they all happen all the time.

I’d drop the idea all together, but you can lessen the wind noise by putting electrical tape over the mic hole. Unfortunately, there are many other holes, so good luck.

Personally, I think sound detection was meant for a quiet space, like indoors. Even then, I’d turn the sensitivity down. I don’t believe it was meant for a totally chaotic space like what you find outdoors.

I attempted several “fixes”, including electrical tape (probably the only method that sort-of works) and a band-aid over the mic hole (no help at all).

In the end, I just turned off sound detection on the outdoor cameras.

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We never record sound due to that issues if you have sound only on in the advanced tab,it will record motion and audio

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Thanks for posting the vid. It looks like it’s worth a try!

I haven’t deployed on working camera yet, but my sense is the fuzz is going to be seen in the lens. Solution: scissors!

If you don’t need sound at all, here is a video on how to unplug the internal microphone on a v3.

You only have to worry about Sound events if you turn on sound detection, which means, by definition, you WANT the microphone. And, you are attempting to record, well, sound events.

I just wanted to report back on Wind causes Sound event record with Cam v3 - #8 by sysop

While I do see a bit of the hairs from the wind muff in my view, they work phenomenally at eliminating wind noise. Before I applied the muff, I was getting at least 20 false alarms an hour. Now it’s down to 0, and I am only getting the sound from the event I am monitoring.

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All of my v3 cameras are inside my house looking out windows so I never need Sound Detection on. I feel more comfortable unhooking the microphone on the v3 cameras near my living space so there is no way conversations can leak out from an IoT device. No need to unhook the the microphone unless you are as OCD as me