Will You Create a Windows 10 Application

Hi. I just bought your Wzye Cam Pan at someone’s recommendation. How, without paying more than I already have, can I save the resulting videos to my laptop?


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The chances of having a Windows 10 app is right about zero.

The only way to download them to a PC is to pull the uSD card, and plug that into your computer.

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I was confused about the actual question here when I read this one, because the topic title seems to be requesting a native Windows application (and if that were to happen, then I’d want to put in a plug for a Linux port), but the original post seems to be asking about something that’s not really related to a dedicated Wyze app on Windows.

If @pwalker50 hasn’t already installed a microSD card, then that would also be my immediate suggestion, but then there’s this stipulation:

So that’s one of the unknowns. The real question I have is what’s the end goal here?

Is the goal to save all the resulting videos, like stream them all from the camera or archive all of them to a hard drive? I don’t know if we have enough information to answer this yet.

Still, I tend to agree with @K6CCC. I think getting a microSD card (if that hasn’t already been done), installing it in the Cam Pan (I’m assuming the v3), and periodically pulling that to archive video files, is probably the most cost-effective way to accomplish whatever the goal is here.

Thank you. The SD card appears to be the only way to save to my Windows PC. There appears to be no way to do that directly, unless you create a Windows application.


As K6CCC replied, the likelihood of Wyze developing a Windows application is slim to none. If you’d like to show support for development of a Windows app, please comment on and/or vote for this Wishlist topic (scroll up to the top of the topic and click the VOTE button on the upper left):

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I would love to be able to access the camera via Windows. A computer is so much more versatile than a cell phone and having to download a new app for every thing is a real nuisance. It’s all about selling my cell phone number and to the extent possible, my location, social app activity, conversations, etc.

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