Windows 10 Pro & Enterprise (Win10 Home untested)

New to Wyze products. I think a great bargain for the price!
I have mostly iOS(Apple) phone/pad, and some folks have Andriod.
If I am at my Windows 10 Pro or Enterprise PC’s, I could not take a peak via the camera as no current support for Windows Operating Systems (OS’s).
I ‘google’d’ about, and found a work-around, which is not bad. I’d give it an 8/10. Native would be better, but again, not bad if you have a few cores to your CPU, as it is a bit CPU core intensive,

  1. install Blue Stacks 5 Android OS emulator on Windows 10 pro/enterprise PC (probably will work on Windows Home edition too but just not tested by me)
    Fastest & Lightest Android App Player for PC - BlueStacks 5
  2. Once Blue Stacks 5 is installed, and you click on it and it is up and running, one can click
    Andriod OS’s “Play Store” and when in there, chose ‘Wyze cam App’ and download it.
  3. once Wyze cam app is downloaded into the pseudo Android OS, running on your Windows OS, you can click on Wyze Cam App and run it. You will of course have to set it up, just as if it were running on a real layer 1 physical Andriod OS running smart phone.

Caveats I found:

  1. use your mouse to drag or move around or the virtual touch wheel/circle thingy clicking it on the screen with my mouse.
  2. IF you have a touch-screen, you can zoom in via using fingers and slide-separate them to pull closer into an object and bring together to zoom out.
  3. I have several computers. I logged into one PC where the multi-core CPU did not have the BIOS set to allow Virtualization utilization of the hardware, so the Wyze app software alerted me that it is using 1 CPU core and could use 4 cores if made available in the BIOS for virtualization. It ran fine overall, but did freeze once. My other PC’s ran fine with multi-core but I noted in Windows Task manager that when Wyze was running, power consumption went up ~30% and gave High Power consumption notification. Probably nothing to worry about, but worth noting if one is running many items with a smaller power supply like a laptop on which I tested.
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Thank you for presenting a way to view the v3 cam on a PC.
Works great!