Will this rule get triggered?

I have 2 cameras

GATE camera has CamPlus.
TREES camera has CamPlus Lite

I set up a rule so that when GATE detects a person , TREES uploads a short video to the Cloud

However it never works. Is it because TREES also needs to have CamPlus?

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Can you post the actual rule screen shots so we can see how it is setup.

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I built this rule to test this out…

The Garage Cam is on CP, Garage Front Cam is on CPL.

Here is my rule history:

In the first test @ 12:20, I was not push notified of the upload by the app. However the app did return an Automation Event for the upload.

Note - this automation event will NOT show in the Events if there are ANY active smart filters on in the event list since there are no filters for automation events. Event Smart filters must be cleared to view.

I then modified the rule to include another Cam that was on CamPlus (Garage Back Cam)

At 12:27 I reran the test. This time, an upload was made by both cams, however only the cam with CamPlus produced a “Smart Alert” Push Notification.

I ran a third test, this time also downgrading the PD Trigger Cam to CPL (Garage Cam):

The same results occurred. @ 12:45 the PD resulted in uploads from both cams, but only a “Smart Alert” push notification from the CP cam.


It appears that the rule works to upload the 12s video regardless of CP\CPL. The “Smart Alert” push notification, however, is CP dependent for the target cam.


Thanks a lot. I was not aware that there an “automation” type event generated. I just assumed it was under “motion”. I am able to see the uploaded events on my side by removing all filtering, as you suggested


That is one I learned the hard way. I got the Automation Smart Alert, it showed the video, but I couldn’t see it in my events.

Check out this wishlist request to add the Smart Alert Automation Events to the Filter settings list. Vote for it at the top and add your thoughts and experience in the reply to keep it alive.

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