Rule to trigger cloud recording across 3 cameras - events not showing up in App but do on Web Beta

Hi everyone,

I have 2 x Camv3 and 1 outdoor v2. The outdoor V2 with PIR sensor is much more reliable at detecting true motion and avoiding false alarms. I have created a rule that essentially triggers cloud recording on the other cameras as well once OutDoor detects motion. The rule history shows that it triggers across all cameras however the two Camv3’s don’t log an recording in the event screen in the iOS app.

That said, when i go into the Beta Web Viewer app - i can see the events for those cameras but interestingly when i click the recording i get an error in the web viewer. So it appears the rule is firing across all cameras but something is failing on the 2 v3’s that it is preventing the event from showing up in the app.

Make sure you do not have any filters on your event screen that are excluding events.


When you trigger a cam video upload from a rule, it uploads the video as an “Automation” event.

There are no filters for Automation events, so if you have any Smart filters set, it will not show those events. All your Smart filters need to be cleared in order to see the Automation Events.

Getting a filter selection for the Automation events is a topic on the #wishlist. You can go there and vote for it and add your post.


That worked perfectly - thank you!