Outdoor Cam events are missing on the tablet

I have pretty much the same thing as above : A v2 Cam that is recording motion on a walkway. The camera catches the motion correctly every time. I also have a rule that is triggered by this motion. The rule tells my Outdoor Cam which has a different view of the walkway to upload a video to the cloud. However when I look at my events, I only see an uploaded video from the Outdoor Cam maybe one of of five times. Otherwise no Outdoor Cam video. I do see the video every time from the v2 Cam that is catching the motion.

Note that the events log show the motion being captured and the video from the Outdoor Cam being uploaded to the cloud every time. Any ideas?

Do you have any filters engaged in the event tab? Remove all filters and see if the missing video show up now.

Thanks for reminding me about that. I got tripped up with filters awhile back. However, I figured out what is going on. I have the Wyze app installed on two Android devices - a Samsung phone and a Samsung tablet. I just noticed that I get the Outdoor Cam event video every time on the phone. However I only get the same event video on the tablet randomly. Everything else syncs up just fine between the two devices. Only the Outdoor Cam event video is missing on the tablet. I have no idea!

Are both devices using the same account login? What app version is on the tablet?

Both are logged in to the same account. Both are running version 2.23.16 and the app name shows as WyzeBeta on both devices. I just checked this morning and it is still doing the same thing - both cameras show up in events on the phone but the Outdoor Cam events are missing on the tablet. Both devices do show the Outdoor Cam as a device and I can connect to it from both phone and tablet.

So I believe your issue belongs in the beta section of the forum because that’s the version of the software you’re using. And is a friendly reminder, using the beta branch of app and firmware is knowing that you’re testing new features, but understanding that there can be speed bumps in the road and there may be issues that need to be worked through. If you truly need to get these events on the tablet one recommendation is that you can switch to the production app on both devices and see if that fix things up with the more stable version. Can you post a screenshot of your event tab from the tablet?

I’m going to recommend your question be moved to the beta section to see if other users are experiencing the same thing you are. Tagging in the @Mods to help with this.

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