WIll these cameras work in Cabo San Lucas, BCS Mexico?

WIll these cameras work in Cabo San Lucas, BCS Mexico or do I need a USA VPN?

Even though Wyze Cams are not sold (officially) or supported outside of the US, many people report it working just fine overseas. The only thing know for sure not to work is viewing on Alexa devices.

That said, there’s no guarantee that your ISP won’t somehow block the connection.

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I just tested this. I connected to a VPN in Mexico. Then I opened my WYZE app. Still works.

Of course as the previous comment says, your ISP can still block the connection.

Hi. I live in Mexico City. I have two V2 Wyze Cams in my apartment and they work perfectly. Both cameras were bought on the local Amazon Store, but as mentioned above they are not officially supported.

Also, as commented above, assistant services are not enabled. I have a google based system, both cams show up on the Google Home app but there is basically nothing you can do with them. They won’t respond to any verbal command. The rest of the features though (AI, cloud storage, local storage, app, etc.) work just fine.

I have not experienced any blocking from my ISP (cable internet, 55Mb speed) and I honestly doubt this could happen here in Mexico. I had no problems setting the cameras either.

I know the post it’s some kind of old, but just wanted to share that I have a few cameras working fine (in Mexico) also I haven’t had any problem viewing on my echo devices, neither had an issue with my ISP

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Here in MĂ©xico Wyze Cam Does NOT work whit Alexa, I have been waiting for 2 years

CĂłmo le hiciste?
Yo no he logrado hacer que Alexa me muestre en pantalla las cámaras.
No tiene mucho que la actualización de Wyze mostró por fin Works whit… ya la Ligue a alexa. Pero no hay más. Y no me muestra nada. Help please.

Google Translation:

How did you do it?
I have not managed to get Alexa to show me the cameras on the screen.
It doesn’t have much that Wyze’s update finally showed Works whit… and Ligue to alexa. But there is no more. And it doesn’t show me anything. Help please.

I have 3 Wyze cams in Baja California Sur. Can I update them from my phone in the US?? Tx

Yes you can! You should not have any issues. I have updated my WCO, V2’s and V3’s, plus more devices without any issues.

have many devices in mexico that I bought in USA. All work. My google home nest - bought in mexico - also works great controlling my devices in mexico. Not seeing what the problem is.