Will the Wyze Lock keypad work without a working Gateway?

Hi guys,

I’m currently having issues trying to get our Wyze Gateway connected to our Wifi, however I noticed that the keypad - lock/unlock still works.

Does this mean that the keypad connects to the the lock via Bluetooth and do not need a Gateway?

This issue is known by Wyze and the possible cause is an AWS outage. They’re working on it! More information here:

I’m unsure on this because I don’t have the lock, but I believe that it is connected via Bluetooth. It may also connect to the gateway, but again not too sure on this!

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@Brlepage from your link to the Service Status Known Issues - If the Gateway is offline, it will affect remote unlock/lock control. However, local control through Bluetooth would still be functional. Also, the keypad connects through bluetooth to the lock itself.

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It seems that setup of new gateways is also affected.

Good to know!

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