Will the Thermostat work with a Humidistat?

On my present thermostat I can control humidity by switching the R (24V+) wire using a humidistat to cycle the AC. I do that when the house is vacant in the summer months. I set the AC at 75 and the humidistat at 55. The AC will not come on until the humidity gets above 55, I don’t care how hot the house gets as long as the humidity stays low.
Can this be done with the Wyze thermostat?
Thanks, Bob

I have the same question…did you find an answer elsewhere?

Are you saying you are breaking the R wire with a humidistat to prevent the a/c from coming on unless it’s 55% or higher humidity?

This is a common setup for Florida vacation homes, and uses the A/C to control humidity (mold/mildew), when the home is unoccupied (usually a summer setting). In essence, the A/C Is triggered by humidity, not temperature. For instance, when I leave Florida in April, I set the thermostat to 75* and the humidistat (knob) to 55%. The A/C will come on only if the humidity is above 55%…ie., the thermostat can read 85 degrees, but unless the humidity is over 55% the AC will NOT come on.

I am not in Florida now to actually look at the wiring, but I found this YT video that seems to be identical to what I have.

I believe the concept is to cut the power to the thermostat unless the humidity limit is exceeded…I’m thinking this wouldn’t be viable for a smart (WiFi) thermostat.

I’m familiar with your setup. I would break the Yellow wire to the a/c instead of the Red 24VAC wire on the smart thermostat. This way you’ll have access to the thermostat remotely, you can see the indoor humidity along with all other settings via the app. The a/c will still not energize unless the humidistat is above the humidity set point. :wink:

I think the humidistat is powered off of the red 24v…not sure though