Will the Sense device also trigger on sound?

wondering if the the new sense device will also trigger on sound. Was thinking this might be a great alternative to get notifications my sump pump was to ever run. i.e. flooding… or if my well was to run while I am out of the house, i.e. an indication of a pipe burst or Hot water tank failure. .

I don’t really need a camera there just a sound activation trigger.

No, the current sense devices do not trigger on sound. I recommend searching the #wishlist category to see if there are topics over there you can vote for. :slight_smile:



The sensors do not have vibration sensors nor microphones so it is not possibile without a new sensor or via the Wyze Cam V2 / Pan under Camera Settings → Event Recording → Detects sound.

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I have A v2 in the basement for exactly what you describe , once you get the sound sensitivity Adjusted right it works good

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