Wyze Sense sound detector

I wish Wyse Sense were activated by sound.
I could use it to alert me when someone rings the door bell.
I already have a Wyze Cam covering the door, but not everyone who passes by rings the bell.

If the camera aimed near the door is also near the doorbell, you might try setting that camera to detect sound, perhaps setting the sensitivity high. But, if the doorbell is some distance away from that camera, sound detection may not help you.

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Another vote for a Sense Sound device. This would be great for places where you still want to monitor activity but a camera would not be appropriate, such as a bedroom or bathroom.

I got Wyze cams for my elderly father’s house to keep tabs on him. I need to monitor him in his bedroom and en suite bathroom too in case he falls and calls out for help. But of course I cannot put cameras in there so just a motion and sound device would be ideal.

He also has ground floor guest bedrooms that I would love to monitor for sound and movement, such as somebody breaking a window to get in, where of course being a bedroom, I wouldn’t want to put a camera in there either.

I forgot to add that battery-operated motion sensors with sound would be great for places where an outlet is not available.