Will cameras work properly with NO WiFi?

Hello Everyone,

I have a need to setup at least three cameras in a WiFi environment and using SD cards in loop (overwrite) mode so that the SD card never fills up. I need to then mail these cameras to a family member with no WiFi or Internet access except via their cell phones. So the app will not work in that environment.

Previously the cameras did NOT work reliably when WiFi was NOT available. I have FOUR questions:

  1. Has this issue been resolved?
  2. What procedures must be followed to ensure that the cameras continue to function properly?
  3. What is the procedure to remove the SD card and view on WIndows 10?
  4. What is the procedure to reinstall the SD card and restore the camera to operation without WiFi?

Thanks for all your help!

No WiFi? How can the cameras send its stream without WiFi? They ARE WiFi cameras.

I need the stream stored to the SD card until the card is pulled and read by a Windows 10 computer.

If family member has a cellphone with internet access, she could enable the cellphone’s local hotspot (thus creating a tiny WiFi network), associate the camera to the hotspot, and then use the Wyze app to view the recordings stored on the SDcard. (this assumes that family member’s cellphone has hotspot capability, and a cellular data plan that supports tethering).

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A cellphone hotspot is expensive in terms of data usage.

What I would suggest is to get an inexpensive WiFi, it doesn’t need to be connected to the internet. It also allows the camera to be viewed on their cell phones using WiFi.

There is another issue though. From what I understand, the cameras need to connect to the internet when powering up or they don’t work. That’s when the cell hotspot comes in. But this is only for a short duration so it wouldn’t cost much.

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That depends on the plan. Some carriers are inexpensive; some are extortionate.

The family member to whom the OP will mail the cameras wants to view the recordings stored locally on the SDcard. That won’t consume many internet bits.

That’s correct. Wyzecams aren’t happy if they can’t connect to WyzeHQ when they power up. Seems they want to chit-chat with mystery servers all over the world before they will let the Owner use them.

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:+1::clap: good point here buddy, Wyze should give the owner of the camera to use them without their service, without even the need to connect and communicate with their servers on the internet before we can power it up. I understood that an IP/Wifi camera requires a Wifi/LAN network to be configured and manage, but to require an internet connection just to power it up? I don’t think that is a wise engineering design. It should only requires an internet connection when you enable their online services, notification, CMC, online viewing (when not at home), etc…

Sounds like unfortunately Wyze cameras may not be the best for your family members situation. If you have to set them up and send them off, even if they get them working in a hotspot, are they going to understand the camera enought to troubleshoot if something goes haywire?

Best is to determine what your needs and wants are for a system, then explore what’s out there and see what fits into your needs and wants the best and most affordable. If you try and shoehorn something that isn’t designed for or isn’t made for what you are trying to do with it, problems will pop up.