Wildlife not triggering cameras?

Do wild animals trigger your cameras? I live in the woods and have opened my door to find deer, skunks, bobcats, etc on my back porch well within range of at least 2 cameras. Everything else triggers them except wild animals. Is that normal? This is part of why I have these cameras, so between this and the delayed notifications I’m not having a great experience. I do have cam plus, the base station is wired, and I use an iphone if any of that matters.

They surely do. Some samplings from @bryonhu and @Antonius.

May need to dial in your PIR and sensitivity if not getting recorded events.

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I have been experiencing the same issue. I have bears that come and go in my backyard. I know they are there because I see their scat, and I have seen them, The camera with pet AI on doesn’t pick them up.
I have noticed the bear moves slowly and fluidly, not like a skunk or dog maybe this is why?


I get numerous visits and recording on my Battery Powered WCO of Raccoons, possums, a skunk and the never ending parade of cats (None of which are mine). Alert for a PET last night from my V3 camera, the same !@#$%^& Cat that comes by 12 times a night. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Guilielmus the raccoon going to work and partner following.


I will send you this one Antonius, if you want another pet :rofl:

There was a big Tom in the middle of the street a few days ago just down from my driveway with his girls and he wouldn’t move. I stopped, got out of my truck, big mistake again on my part. He chased me back to the truck and I waited. This is the second time this has happened to me. I need to carry a shotgun in the truck I guess, the golf clubs aren’t long enough :rofl: :turkey: :turkey: